The AReal Finland, an augmented reality art gallery, is seeking visual artworks (paintings, photography, drawings, video arts), poetry (poems in English or Finnish recorded by poets), musical compositions, and recorded heart beats and stories from local NGO’s activists and people engaged in promoting Finland or working for Finnish communities. As included into official Suomi Finland 100 programme AReal creates an augmented reality platform for art that reacts to logotype of the Programme.

The deadline for submissions is 15th of May 2017.
Date of launch of the application: 8th of July, 2017

Submission 2017

Please send all inquires to info@arealapp.pl In your email, please state “SUBMISSION 2017” in
the subject line and please include the following:

• Artist’s bio (max. 1000 signs)
• Links to website + email contact or phone
If you are a visual artist:
-Maximum two images (jpg and png only – no more than 1MB each) signed with title and surname of an Artist, in case of video works – 1screen from YT/ Vimeo and link to the original work. Image: png, max 1MB, 72 72dpi

If you are a poet
-Your poem +recording of your voice while you read it ( Finnish or English) – recording in mp3, 128kbps, max 2 min, with title and name of the Artist

If you are a musician
Original composition or based on Finnish traditional music – mp3 – with title and name of the Artist
Audio: mp3, 128kbps, max 2 min and link to the whole work if necessary.

If you are NGO worker, community activist or teacher of Finnish language abroad
– Recorded heart beat and your story /story of your organization in 1st person – no longer than 1000 signs with title and name of the Participant
– Heart beat audio: mp3, 128kbps, max 30 sec.

The AReal Finland 2017 Criteria

• AReal Finland is seeking artworks that dialogue/confront with broadly understood concept of Finland from Finnish and foreign artists.
• As part of the application process new media artists are invited to submit proposals online on info@arealapp.pl
• With this call, artists have the opportunity not only to be invited to present at AReal Finland application and also become eligible for invitation to opportunities for additional year-round events and collaboration.
• All work must be original and created by or under direction of the artists(s).
• Collaborations are welcome.
• Artwork must match type & quality submitted for jurying.
• All artists will be informed if they were accepted to the platform and receive a link to download the application once the platform is launched


The AReal Finland is a culture project of augmented reality art platform. We heavily promote and market our artists by coordinating: social media promotion, newsletter, and regional and national ad campaigns.

Now for the fine print. By sending your information you agree to the following:

2017 Legal Agreement and Participation Liability Waiver

By submitting this online application for AReal Finland, the participant agrees to the Terms and Conditions of this participation liability waiver.
• I the Artist as participant am at least 18 years old. If Artist is younger than 18, Artist must have guardian or parent consent and in lieu of participating in event, said guardian or parent agrees to waive all rights to sue hereunder after Artist reaches the age of 18.
• Artist is aware of AReal Finland, its board, advisors and any other supporting associations, volunteers and sponsors
• AReal Finland Coordinators do not insure or agree to be responsible for any theft, damage, or loss of any article. Artist agrees to accept any and all loss, theft, or damage resulting directly or indirectly from registrant’s participation in the platform. In return for the benefits of promotion provided by AReal Finland, Artist agrees both not to sue or to hold the Event Coordinators liable or responsible for any loss, theft, or damage connected with artists participation in theplatform.
• Artist understands that this release is intended to protect Platform Coordinators as defined in this Waiver from any claim of negligence and agrees to indemnify Platform Coordinators for any defense costs, if such costs should occur.
• Artist agrees that this Waiver is a legally binding contract between Platform Coordinators andArtist, is binding on Artist, Artist’s heirs, or anyone making a claim.
• I have carefully read this agreement and fully understand its content. I sign this Waiver of my own free will.
• I give AReal Finland and its business sponsors for the platform permission to use images I have provided or taken during the platform usage for promotional purposes only.
• Coordinators have a right to withdraw/postpone the launching of the application in case of life circumstances /withdrawal of financial grant for this project. Each artist will be informed and their artwork will not be processed in any way.
• By submitting an application for AReal Finland I warrant that I am of legal age and that I haveread and fully understand the foregoing terms of participation outlined in this AReal Finland application.