Our AR apps recognize shapes, generate new elements in 3D and add sound.

The augmented reality apps we are developing, recognize the objects, signs, logotypes and landmarks, converting them into live markers  (points of entrance). It is up to you to decide if to enter into augmented reality world.

A touch of magic, a little bit of impossible. If you have ever heard of Pokemon Go the application AReal will have no secrets for you. There is one difference, though – we would like to show you 3D models lamps and furniture at your home – so you can check if it fits your space. We take you into the heart of the buildings, reveal their inner music o and remind you of their past or invite you to augmented reality art gallery. Company fairs and events? Always when the product requires unique showcasing? Augmented reality technology is already here.

Areal-Finland-augmented reality art gallery point-of-entrance

AReal Lamps & Furniture showcasing app

We have launched a test drive AR Interior Design showcasing app, which can be adapted to the specs and needs of your company. It is accessible through scanning the marker placed on the floor or a ceiling. It lets the client browse through the 3D lamp & furniture models, customize them, check how they fit the space, change the length of the cord or their colour. It is possible to save them, enter the online shop or share. Another fueature is also engagement analytics of the app user behaviour.

App study 2. AReal Finland

In 2017 we have started working on the new application AReal Finland, which aim is to gather 100 artists (visual artists, poets, musicians and community activists) in augmented reality art platform to celebrate together 100 years of independence of Finland. We are officially part of the programme Suomi Finland 100. The application is in its prototype phase, but its launch is predicted on 08th of July 2017.

We have opened Call for 100 Artists with deadline of 15th of May 2017.

This a prototype in process. The app consists of 4 types of art experiences: EYES, SOUNDS, HEARTS and WORDS.


To download the trial version of app.

App study 3. AReal Wro

In 2016 we were accepted into the final of FUTUWRO programme, and as a part of European Capital of Culture Wroclaw 2016 we have launched the pilot version of app AReal Wro. Augmented reality application reacted to 4 buildings in the city of Wrocław, opening additional digital layers on the top of them.

To give it a try. It is easy as a Sunday morning. Download the app, launch it and scan the characteristic black-yellow marker. On your laptop or all around the city. It is a trial version. That is how you could enter the ARteria gallery and open the map, where all the places and interactions are marked.

Meet the team

Marcin Pławnicki

Design & video

Anna Stenberg

Coordinator for AReal Finland

Jagoda Malanin

Web, copy & social media

Mikael Malanin

Coordinator for AReal Finland

Michał Mrozek

AR / VR technology